We are here to guide you through the entire process! The first steps is to contact us so we can learn about you and your goals. Please call us at 989-224-7518 (landline) or 517-331-1543 (mobile).

It will be necessary to decide:

» The total scope of the work

» What will be needed to carry out and complete the project

» The type of foundation

We will contact sub-contractors (if necessary), put together a cost estimate, and get permits.

Restore It

 Restore your house foundation

Solutions and implementation

  • Mid-Michigan House Moving
  • Basement Repair
  • Basement Replacement
  • Replacing Foundations
  • Underpinning
  • Shoring
  • Housing Raising
  • Structural Moving
  • Restoration

Move It

Whatever the situation, we can move your building, either across the field or down the road.

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Lift It

Jobs tailored  to your individual situation and budget